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Welcome to baby Deborah Iyanuloluwa’s website. Here we will keep you updated with her adventures. We hope you enjoy visiting and sharing our joy and excitement.

God gave us this wonderful gift of a daughter after almost 10 years of being married. This is proof of the faithfulness of God to His Word. His Word did not fail in our lives. We hope that our testimony will encourage you to hold on to God's Word for your own miracle too and not give up. Kenneth Hagin once said that if you are ready to wait on God's Word for ever, you will not wait very long before it happens.

Her names are Iyanuloluwa Deborah Charis Emmanuelle Ogechukwu Oluwapamilerin Mopeninuoluwa Oluwasemipe Boluwatife

Please follow the link below to see Iyanuloluwa's dedication photos in Karis Chapel, London on 05-Feb-2006.  

Please use the "Tell Your Friends" box towards the bottom right to forward this site link to as many people as you know who may be hoping to have babies but are getting discouraged. We want this site to serve as a channel of hope and inspiration to as many people as possible who are facing a long wait for babies like we did for 10 years.

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And the child grew in wisdom and statue   / Abiodun Oluwasola (Family friend )
Iyanuoluwa, as you approach the much awaited celebration of your first number in life, may the Lord continually be gracious to you, and may he also bless you and keep you.Love,Aunty Abey.
Wishing u a 1st Happy Easter   / Olusola Adio (Dad)
Wishing u a 1st Happy Easter. Love u.
God is faithful now and ever. 

He has been glorified in your situation, so He shall in the life of as many as our waiting faithfully for this testimony.

I receive mine in Jesus name.

Your Joy shall be fuller stil...  Continue >>
The Blessing of God   / Eniola Alabi (family friend )
For our God, He is God and He is faithful, keeping His covenant and mercy with them that love him and with their children's children even for a thousand generations. Keep on keeping on!
I'm glad that God's beeen good to you   / Wale Haastrup
It was good to read about this. I am hopeful of visiting sometime. Sola has been wonderful in my undergraduate years and I can only pray that God continues to bless him and all that have to do with him in Jesus' name.
Mrs / Ingrid Lilley (Family Friend )    Read >>
Mrs / Ingrid Lilley (Friend)    Read >>
hello DEBBY  / Geraldine Gauthier (Work)    Read >>
To the One who does what no man can do  / Bukola (Shogbesan) Olatunji (OOOOld Friend of Parents )    Read >>
Congratulations is now the order of your life  / Seyimio Adegoke-Enirayetan (Family Friend )    Read >>
THANK YOU FATHER, GOD!  / Yinka Adeduntan (My children's God sibling )    Read >>
Nice site!  / jcc parker (none)    Read >>
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